Thursday, December 16, 2010


From the comments section of Worthwhile Canadian Initiative:

Actually one of my favourite questions on the 2008 US Jump$tart survey is this one:

Don and Bill work together in the finance department of the same company and earn the same pay. Bill spends his free time taking work-related classes to improve his computer skills; while Don spends his free time socializing with friends and working out at a fitness center. After five years, what is likely to be true?

a) Don will make more because he is more social.
b) Don will make more because Bill is likely to be laid off.
c) Bill will make more money because he is more valuable to his company.*
d) Don and Bill will continue to make the same money.

Not at all obvious to me that (c) is the right answer.

[Note: the * next to (c) indicates that it is the correct answer for the key.] I can certainly think of examples where this answer would seem to be contradicted by empirical reality. And that is before one worried about outsourcing or what happens if the company completely changes software platforms in a major re-org.

The post and comments are worth reading, throughout.

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