Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More on Health Care Efficiency

An update here on medical insurance with an inventory problem.

Depending on the condition being discussed, this can be a pretty serious matter and remedies are unclear. At the very least we are seeing the following as the solution:

1) Make a visit to an MD to get a prescription (cost of MD)

2) Visit a pharmacy and argue about insurance coverage (cost of administration)

3) Take much of a day off work (this is a cost to the employer via sick days or employee via needing to work longer hours to make up for this)

If these issues are frequent then the inventory control system is imposing a lot of costs on the system. Now, if this was a store (say Amazon) then it would be fighting to remedy these issues before it went bankrupt. But the lack of customer mobility is another area where Health Care is an unusual market.

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