Friday, April 30, 2010

Prelinking Nick Krafft

When I get my thoughts on the subject sorted out I plan to write some posts on maximum utility and fitness landscapes. When I do, I'll certainly want to link to this post I saw on Economist's View:

In which I “attack old-fashioned economics,” i.e. utility maximization, by Nick Krafft: At an off-campus discussion toward the end of my senior year of college, the topic of behavioral economics came up. Leading the discussion was a professor of mine, David Ruccio- whose blog I link to regularly- who argued that to really move forward with these iconoclast ideas, we still have to get rid of the max u thing- it’s holding everything back. I didn’t really agree with him at the time, or I just didn’t know, but a recent panel I attended helped clarify why Ruccio, and other heterodox economists before him, are right, even if the panelists themselves don’t want to see it it or admit.

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