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I don't want to extend the analogy to the outcome...

... or try to draw too many inferences from the similarities, but there are some notable parallels between this election and 1964. In the years that followed the election there was (perhaps still is) a tendency to get all warm and fuzzy about Goldwater. It's easy to forget what a dangerous extremist the man was. This LBJ ad does a good job reminding us just how crazy and frightening the candidate looked at the time, and (without leaning too heavily on the analogy) does have some moments that sound familiar such as the "is he serious" section that starts a little after 1:35.

Before watching, I recommend reading Marshall's "Big Normie Energy."

Confessions of a Republican (LBJ 1964 Presidential campaign commercial)

I finally got around to looking up the details of this ad.

In 1964, Bogert starred in the "Confessions of a Republican" ad for Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1964 U.S. presidential election. Bogert was a lifelong Republican, which was a requirement for the casting. He appeared on Don Lemon's CNN news show on March 17, 2016, and also on Rachel Maddow Show on May 2, 2016, to comment on the relevance of the ad to the 2016 election.

In July 2016, during the convention that nominated Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate, Bogert appeared in a reprise of the ad. "He scares me," Bogert said in the ad, echoing his comments about Goldwater 52 years before.

A bit more background here. One surprising revelation is that the team behind the ad cut a line that  Bogert said did not represent his views. 


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