Monday, June 27, 2022

You now can choose from two companies taking deposits for imaginary campers for a truck that doesn't exist yet

Along with the asset bubble, I blame CGI. Back in the day, it took time, money and talent to come up with a good, let alone photo-realistic artist's rendering. Now you can find a high school student who can whip up everything up need (stills and video) in a weekend.


From Dec 08, 2021:

Stream It, Inc., maker of the CyberLandr – a pop-up camper accessory for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck – made several interesting announcements today via its Facebook page, as well as an official press release. The company has reportedly racked up $100 million worth of pre-orders for the CyberLandr, it's now making some shares available for purchase, and it has a new and improved website.


This is the only physical object the company has created. Everything else is CGI.


 The company didn't promise a telescoping box (lots of campers can do that); they promised a camper that could expand in two dimensions producing an almost TARDIS level of roominess. 




Complete with queen sized bed.


The company doesn't even know what the specs of the production model of the Cybertruck are going to be. Tesla now says they'll start making making them in 2023, but that was before the company announced mass layoffs and keep in mind, they originally promised  to start selling them in 2021. The deposits are a fraction of the pre-orders, but a pretty substantial fraction.

Of course, that's not where the real money is. Also from December, 2021:

CyberLandr, a very ambitious high-tech camper designed for the Tesla Cybertruck, is raising money at an astronomical $400 million valuation.
And nothing attracts imitators like real money.

"$24,000 Space Camper For Tesla Cybertruck Is Clever And Stylish"

Space Campers is already accepting reservations for its camper, which may start at $24,000, but you can, of course, add options. There’s an available fully-equipped kitchen, a combined shower and toilet, solar panels on the roof that can be integrated into a custom roof rack and an additional tent thermal insulation kit, custom sheets, electric blanket, thermal padded flooring and even a built-in movie projector.



I suppose we should be glad they don't come with NFTs.

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