Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thursday Tweets

As long as he doesn't try to write about California, he's always welcome.

I dug through the original tweets to see if this was meant ironically but apparently no. It seems that movie star's son turned Twitter celebrity really does feel that lack of two-day delivery to Sun Valley represents societal failure. 

Another reminder that people who complain about being canceled really mean they're being criticized, having their points questioned, or just not being adequately praised.

I realize that the observation itself is fairly obvious, but something about the conciseness of this list brought home just how much this describes the guiding principles of conservative media.

Even more than the LA Times Russ Mitchell, E. W. Niedermeyer is the essential journalist on the Tesla beat.

This one is especially important.

Autonomy tweets.

"How hated is Ted Cruz?" has become one of the great standbys of American political humor.

What's going on with the far right and the Catholic Church could well be the most interesting story in politics.

1981 is not that long ago.

A lot of people call this wage growth, but that's not important right now.

Following the links in the first paragraph, the "critics" seem to be Trump and Fox News. Though they did single out conservative media, the authors probably should have mentioned that the NBC article cited ("'Not by accident': False 'thug' narratives have long been used to discredit civil rights movements") makes almost exactly the same point as the MC article, giving much of the WP piece a bit of a dog-bites-man vibe. The important story here (briefly mentioned) is how mainstream media sensationalism and conservative media disinformation. If you're interested, here are my real time notes.

One doesn't know where to start...
But this is a good place to stop.

Who would have thought the guy who came out against women's suffrage would turn out to be bad for democracy?

There are surprisingly few tweets on survey design.

But quite a few on gerrymandering...

And polarization.

It's the expression that sells it.

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