Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend gaming -- new entries at You Do the Math

I've got three big ongoing threads planned for my teacher support blog, one on the SAT and one on a special class of manipulatives, and one on teaching programming, so naturally I've been avoiding those topics and writing about games instead: If you also have an interest in games and work to avoid, you might drop by and check out:

The Exact Chaos Game -- fleshing out a suggestion by John D. Cook, this lets players bet on iterations of a surprisingly unpredictable function.

Kriegspiel and Dark Chess -- more Wikipedia than me but worth checking out if you'd like to see what chess might look like as a game of imperfect information.

Facade Chess -- along the same lines, here's an "original" imperfect-information variant where a subset of the  pieces may be disguised as other pieces.

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