Thursday, April 29, 2010

A good Bayesian Textbook?

Say that one wanted to teach Pharmacoepidemiology students about Bayesian statistics. Say further that it was important that the book be clear and easy to follow. Are there any alternatives to Gelman and Hill (which is clear but remarkably free of drug related examples)?

Just wondering . . .


  1. Bayesian Data Analysis has some drug related examples! One of my coauthors is a professor of biostatistics.

  2. I did look at it. I'm slightly worried it's a bit too technical for 18 hours for Pharmacy Doctoral students. Gelman and Hill also has a really good IV section that the students could use, too. But something very applied seemed essential.

    Maybe I need to read Bayesian Data Analysis in detail again and see if I am being overly worried.

    Rubin is a pretty amazing guy and a legend in my field. :-)