Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Misleading graphics

This infographic has been coming under criticism from the usual suspects.  The group that got hit the worst was the married couple with two children making $650,000 per year.  According to the census bureau, in 2009 the median income for a household was $49,777.  So there is a tax increase of 3.3% on couples making 13 times the median US household income. 

Needless to say, this really doesn't reflect the likely impact of these tax law changes on the typical American (it is just to easy to ask hard questions about the representativeness of a single mother who makes $260K/year). 

[note -- label typo corrected]


  1. Maybe "Unintentionally Informative Graphics." One thing that jumps out at me is how progressive the increase is (look at the relative sizes of the increases).

  2. Oh, I completely agree. My reaction was more to the size of salary they attach to each scenario without any comment on how atypical these examples are for Americans.