Sunday, September 2, 2012

This is getting old,,

I've been getting this this screen frequently and seemingly randomly (it seems to have a special fondness for Economist's View). Is this a Chrome thing? A Microsoft thing? A techie conspiracy to get back at me for that whole ddulite business?


  1. Seems to be a combination issue with Chrome, Flash, and (mostly?) Intel integrated GPUs, like the HD4000.

    The quote from the Chromium dev team that I found says: "It seems to only be happening with integrated Intel GPUs and it looks most likely like a driver bug. We have a possible fix (a workaround really) that's being tested."

    Apparently disabling GPU Compositing works for some people.

    My suspicion is that if you're patient enough to wait a couple of weeks, the Chrome auto-updater will install the fix for you. You could also try the GPU compositing turn-off, or try updating your Intel integrated graphics drivers.