Friday, August 12, 2011

A sentence that you just don't want to hear

Matt Yglesias was writing about an innovative program in the Netherlands when he made the comment:

At this point, it just strikes me as fundamentally unlikely that bold policy innovation is going to come out of the sclerotic United States.

At the time, I mentioned it to Mark (my co-blogger) as one of those sentences that you just don't want to have applied to your country, even in jest. Now Jeffrey Early is willing to ask when was the last time that the United States was a policy innovator. His depressing suggestion is back when Richard Nixon was president.

So here is my question to the blogosphere: what can the United States do to go back to being a leader in policy innovation?

[My own angle is to look at work being done at places like The Incidental Economist to see if we can possibly find an alternative way forward for Health Care Policy]

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