Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekend blogging -- famous but underrated

I had originally planned this post as a Twilight Zone Memorial Day marathon, then something more topical came along. Of course, in the blogosphere nothing ever really goes away. Here are a few of the episodes that rank high on my personal list but which don't seem to get a lot of press.

"When the Sky Was Opened" creeped me out in a way that's hard to explain. It also, like many of the episodes included here,  features a remarkable performance from a wonderful but under-recognized actor (in this case Charles Aidman).

"Two" is a nearly perfect, fantastically economical love story. Up until 1970 or so, Charles Bronson could do no wrong. From the Magnificent Seven to Once Upon a Time in the West, he was, for my money the most interesting star of the decade. Add in Elizabeth Montgomery's amazing smile and that wonderful final shot from writer/director Montgomery Pittman...

"Once Upon a Time" has Buster. Nothing more needs to be said.

 "The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank," and "Jess-Belle" feature another actor who needs to be better remembered, or at least remembered for better things, James Best.

"Miniature" and "Nothing in the Dark" are fine episodes featuring excellent turns by future stars (particularly Duvall). "The Bard" is a weaker entry on the whole but a must for Burt Reynolds fans.

"Occurrence" won a well-deserved Oscar.

"The Hunt" What can I say? Us Arkansas folk have always been real proud of Arthur.

Finally, "The Grave" featuring, get this, Lee Marvin, James Best,Lee Van Cleef, and Strother Martin. Another outstanding episode from writer/director Montgomery Pittman.

The Grave

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