Friday, July 2, 2010

How blogging is like SCTV

The creators of the cult classic, Second City Television had a admirable approach to editing. They stopped when they ran out of things to say. If that meant slight gems like "Western Redundancy Playhouse Theatre" or "The Wacky World of Poverty" only ran a couple of minutes then that's how long they ran. The writers also weren't afraid to keep going as long as a premise held out. If they had an hour's worth of ideas for a Poltergeist parody, they would give it an hour.

It is rare in any medium to be free make things the length they ought to be, but a blog is one of the few exceptions. In a blog you you spend hundreds of thousands of words on a subject or you can cover it in the span of a haiku. We don't always make the best use of that freedom but we should at least appreciate having it.

An actress prepares for the wrong role -- 3:06

Dick Cavett finds the perfect guest -- 2:44

A schlocky horror show accidentally books an art film -- 8:11


  1. How about a comparison to "Farm Film"?

  2. I originally had more clips (including Farm Film Report) but I decided not to do a long post in praise of brevity.